Case Studies

Catholic Vote
California GOP
Adam Morgan


To inspire every Catholic in America to live out the truths of our faith in public.

The Problem

The LA Dodgers

When the Los Angeles Dodgers decided to host an event for an extreme group that mocks Catholic nuns through perverse humor and sacrilegious outfits, our team began crafting multi-medium fundraising copy geared towards a conservative Catholic audience.

The difficulty was apparent: conservative evangelicals largely comprising our internal & external vendors’ donor pool would be hesitant to donate to an explicitly Catholic political group. Furthermore, phone carriers would be hesitant to deliver content that could be possibly perceived as anti-LGBTQ.

The Solution

Frontline Strategies

CatholicVote launches a $1 million campaign calling for LA Dodgers boycott over anti-catholic drag queens.

Our content instead seized on the obvious: the level of anti-Christian blasphemous depravity could not be danced around had to be stated directly to the donor— and remind them the LA Dodgers were endorsing this insult to people of faith. The call to action was simple: make The Dodgers feel the heat for disrespecting the faithful.

The Solution

How We Fixed It